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The first thing stands out as you walk through the doors of Café Kranzler at the Ajman Kempinski Hotel and Resort is the abundance of food spread out over a large area. It was a Friday morning and the Kempi Brunch was just about to get underway as we entered.

The hotel brings to life each Friday a brunch with an extravagant display of food presented with all the trimmings. The restaurant boasts a stunning glass front overlooking breathtaking gardens and crystal blue waters of the ocean. With such scenic views one could be forgiven for imagining being lost in a tropical paradise.

With the weather now getting cooler, many people taking full advantage of the outdoor terrace overlooking the water. Even the birds hoping around from empty table to table seemed to enjoy themselves.

The eye catching centre piece is laden with a vast array of food set amongst a selection of various table decorations which ranged from large camels and elephants to fruit and vegetable carvings as well as glass jars filled with different coloured objects.

The restaurant is well spaced out with timber chairs and cane furniture giving it a relaxed casual feel that is just perfect for a relaxing Friday with friends and family.

Casual chill out music played softly in the background as the smartly dressed friendly and welcoming faces of the staff mingled around ensuring that everything was well.

Being so close to the water is very tempting, and with the option to avail of a beach and brunch package this affair has now become a full day adventure for those who wish to stay on and bask in the warm sunshine or frolic in the cool ocean waters.

The buffet itself is bursting with so much choice. There definitely has to be something for everyone to enjoy here. And with so much on offer, guests circle the buffet all eager to enjoy everything, but are just not too sure where to start.

If you are looking to begin with a breakfast menu, then there is a counter just for it. Here you get a choice of eggs cooked in various ways, cereal, pastries, dried fruit, breads, jams and spreads and nuts. Sounds like a great idea to enjoy breakfast by the sea.

Besides the eggs on the live cooking station, you can also find freshly prepared pasta where you can choose from a choice of pasta and a selection of sauces.

Being a really big fan of seafood, as I am sure some of you have begun to realise, I was excited to find the Shrimps, Crab Legs, the whole baked Salmon as well as a variety of other salad dishes containing seafood. Nestled amongst the seafood was a large tasty selection of Sushi as well as slices of smoked salmon.

On the far side of the buffet I came across one of the largest selections of fresh breads I have found outside a bakery. There were rolls of all shapes and sizes and even in a variety of hues. Guests kept walking away with a selection of breads to enjoy in their baskets.

The salads were a mix of cold Arabic mezza and more traditional Continental ones including the potato salad, Greek salad and fresh green salad along with blends of more unique creations.

The other side of the buffet served hot foods like the Lebanese style grilled chicken, grilled Salmon with lemon butter sauce, pan seared Lobster with garlic butter sauce and Fillet of Beef as well as a large selection of condiments.

In another corner, two chefs prepared the traditional Arabic Shawarma. Adding a new twist, this Shawarma meat was also used in the Chinese stir fry at the same cooking station.

If you are a lover of true Chinese food than this is the place to head for. The dishes are prepared with all the rich flavours and spices along with crisp vegetables wok fried to perfection.

Here, you can also find a large platter of Chicken Tikka laced with all the flavour you can expect and so tender it fell apart in your mouth.

For those of you who enjoy a platter of cheese than you are sure to be spoilt for choice. A selection of different crackers are provided as an accompaniment.

With such a big choice of starters and appetisers, we looked forward to the desserts. This table like all the rest in the café was so laden with goodies. There were plates of cookies of all sorts as well as tastes, fresh fruits both cut and uncut, pies and tarts of many different flavours, crème caramel, dates, blueberry strudel and ice cream. There were sweets on plates and sweets in glasses, there were sweets to add to sweets and exotic combinations like the Apple pie mixed with ice cream.

With the focus on families, there is a lot for the children to do as well. Entertainment in the form of games and rides complete the brunch. Children can enjoy the foods, though they would need a bit of help to do this. The brunch opens at 12pm and closes at 3.30pm.

Café Kranzler is the perfect location for a lazy afternoon. With a great ambience and thoughtful staff, this has to be the best option on a Friday on this side of the border. by Kerry Leigh

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