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Home: Living Here: Dining Out: Casa Samak (Seafood Restaurant)

Are you searching for that “Hidden Piece of Paradise” that all of us wish we could find and enjoy? Then you are in luck.

For nestled along the tranquil waterfront of Sharjah hidden behind the palm trees of the Coral Beach Resort is their very own piece of paradise.

Casa Samak is a seafood lover’s delight that is appropriately positioned at the very back of the resort overlooking the waters of the Gulf. As you take the long but very beautiful and enjoyable stroll to the restaurant you can’t help but feel like you are embarking on an adventure. The pathway from the resort’s lobby leads you between the many date palms that are blooming with fruit with lights guiding your way. As you leave the rest of the world behind you, the noise fades away and the sweet smells of the ocean air carries you closer to this dinning experience.

As you come to the end of the path you see before you the still waters ahead and what appears to be a tinny little shack to your right. Walking closer to the bright lights you will see that this little shack is indeed a stylish little restaurant with both indoor and outdoor seating. The restaurant itself is positioned right on the soft sandy beach with the water only meters away. Large windows offer you glorious views of the beach, the ocean and the lights of the boats far off in the distance.

Although the weather at this time may be a little warm for some of us to dine outdoors, for those you like the warm nights there is a beautiful deck that gives you the feel that you are dinning on the beach itself.

As you enter the restaurant you pass by the open kitchen and preparation area with its display of fresh fruits and seafood. The counters are appropriately decorated with old-fashioned shutter style windows that keep with the nautical feel.

The décor is very simple but very striking with its solid timber chairs and floors along with crisp white napkins. The indoor seating of the restaurant is by no means large but offers you a quaint dinning experience that is something you often can’t find these days.

The soft music in the background offers you a selection of modern, classical and nautical themed sounds that will keep you relaxed with the occasional toe tapping.

The staff were among some of the friendliest I have had the pleasure of meeting, and were more than happy to help out in any way they could. Mary Jane and Siony went out of their way to make sure our dinning experience was one we would cherish.

The menu although not extensive gives you the option to sample and enjoy some of Chef Aziz’s finest culinary delights. Here the treasures of the sea are prepared to indulge your tastes buds in the masterpiece of cooking natures finest.

The menu is presented to you on what looks like a treasure map with its coffee coloured back ground and torn edges rolled up into a scroll.

Now getting down to deciding just what to eat was our next step after taking in the stunning surrounding. Scanning over the menu we discovered that there is a selection of four different starters, four main course items and four desserts along with a chef’s special for the day that changes each day.

We decided to start with the Traditional Seafood Bisque, and the Lagoon Calamari. The Seafood bisque was light and creamy with a subtle seafood flavour served with croutons. It had a rich colour and was a perfect taste to set a hungry tummy on its way. The Lagoon Calamari on the other hand was a delightful selection of baby Calamari served with red chili paste garnished with fresh herbs and soy all sautéed together and served straight to the table in the same pan it was cooked in.

For the main course we decided to indulge in the chefs special of the day which was Tiger Prawns. Being a lover of Prawns I was eager to sample this dish. All main course meals are served with a selection of grilled vegetables and exotic rice baked in a banana leaf.

If you are a lover of fish than you must sample the Grilled Baby Hammour Shibani style. The fish was so well cooked that as you ate it, the meat just fell away from the bone. The flavours had been locked in with the grilling and you are left with some of the finest fish in town.

The meals are of a very substantial size and you will not be left feeling hungry after eating out at this restaurant. This is a true value for money dinning experience with all the style and class of some of the finest.

If you are a lover of ice cream than you really must try the Special Casa Samak ice cream. This is a towering display of four different flavours of ice cream, cake and a selection of fruits. This is a dessert for one, but really could be shared and enjoy by more.

If you want something a little warmer than try the Crema Quemada a custard style dish cooked and served in the same small skillet. This was a very tasty treat that was just big enough after such a large meal. For the fruit lovers there is a fantasy fresh fruits cuts that is just about the perfect thing to enjoy during the warmer months.

Casa Samak is open for dinner from 6pm to 11pm and offers you a true piece of paradise on the water front of Sharjah. Right now until the 30th of September when you dine at Casa Samak you can enjoy a special offer, for every Dh150 spent in the restaurant you will receive a Dh50 voucher to be used on your next visit. For every Dh300 spent while dinning you will receive a voucher for Dh100 for you next visit. If ever you needed more of a reason to sample this hidden treasure then there is no better than this.

This is a restaurant that takes some of natures finest products and produces with simplicity and style mouth-watering and exquisite culinary delights. by Kerry Leigh

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