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With Dubai's success story as being the leading commercial and trading hub for the Middle East, Dubai is now focusing on securing itself as the premier tourist destination for the region by the launch of its largest investment project which covers the tourism, real estate, hospitality, entertainment, leisure and retail sectors.

Dubailand - An Introduction
Dubailand will contain 45 mega projects and over 200 tourism, leisure and entertainment sub projects, making it the most ambitious tourist destination ever created. Dubai land is being created to appeal to the widest audience of tourists, covering all age groups, nationalities and activities.

On completion, Dubailand themepark will be twice the size of Walt Disney World Resort in Florida, making it the biggest theme/amusement park in the world. Phase 1 of the Dubailand project will extend from 2007 to 2010 and the final phase of the Dubailand will be completed between 2015 and 2018.

Dubai Land - The Worlds
With the multitude of projects being built in Dubailand, there are six themed areas, which focus on different aspects of the Dubai land experience. Each area, refered to as a world, was planned to offer an unforgettable experience for both children and adults.

• Attractions and Experience World
• Sports and Outdoor World
• Eco-Tourism World
• Themed Leisure and Vacation World
• Retail and Entertainment World
• Downtown

Attractions and Experience World
Attractions and Experience World - Dubai land A family World of theme and water parks, roller coasters and adventure, the Attractions and Experience World will feature a critical mass of themed, large-scale attractions, using the latest technology for thrills and safety. Based on the example of successful destinations worldwide, its largest theme park will act as an anchor, attracting visitors and encouraging the growth of visits to other attractions within the World, and Dubailand as a whole.

The Attractions and Experience World will cover approximately 145 million square feet, with an investment of AED 6.8 billion and will contain a total of 14 projects (Pharaohs Theme Park, Giants World, Kids World, Global Village, Space & Science World, Space Hotel, Tourism Park, Film World, Desert World Theme Park, Snow World, Aviation World, Water Park, The Castles, Arabian Theme Park)

Sports and Outdoor World
Sports and Outdoor World - Dubailand A high energy world of heroes and champions, the Sports and Outdoor World will include a mix of sporting venues that will incorporate a dynamic program of international rugby, cricket and other sports tournaments as well as extreme sports activities. When completed, it will be ideally positioned to become a prime warm weather training facility for professional sports teams and will appeal to a broad mix of markets.

The Sports and Outdoor World will cover approximately 206 million square feet, with an investment of AED 2.5 billion and will contain a total of 5 projects (Extreme Sports World, Dubai Sports City, Racing World, Polo World, Golf World). The already completed Dubai Autodrome and Business Park race track will be a part of the Sports and Outdoor World.

Eco-Tourism World
Eco-Tourism World - Dubai land A natural world marvelling at the beauty of our planet, the Eco-Tourism World will comprise a series of nature and desert-based attractions integrated within their desert parkland surrounds. Its experiential and cultural activities will have broad appeal and its vast number of exquisite and unique offerings will no doubt encourage long-stays and repeat visits.

The Eco-Tourism World will cover approximately 806 million square feet, with an investment of AED 4.2 billion and will contain a total of 12 projects (Petting Zoo, Animal World, Equestrian Centre, Light & Sound World, Gardens World, Dinosaur World, Science and History Museum, Bio World, Sand Dune Hotel, Sandstone Villas, Camp World, Desert Safari)

Themed Leisure and Vacation World
Themed Leisure and Vacation World - Dubailand A relaxing world of spas, health and well-being, the Themed Leisure and Vacation World will consist of appealing retreats designed to respond to the growing international demand for quality vacation village residences,resort hotels and wellness retreats. It will include several fitness and stress-management focused facilities and will offer unique creative concepts, such as themed resorts, providing visitors a chance to experience faraway exotic locales without leaving Dubailand.

The Themed Leisure and Vacation World will cover approximately 311 million square feet, with an investment of AED 3.6 billion and will contain a total of 4 projects (Andalusian Resort & Spa, Women’s World, Wonders World, Holiday World)

Retail and Entertainment World
Retail and Entertainment World - Dubai land As shopping is one of the essential activities undertaken by tourists on vacation, the Retail and Entertainment World will provide a critical mass of retail facilities providing a wide variety of global brands but also unique boutiques and discount stores, all within the biggest mall in the world - the Mall of Arabia. Entertainment and dining facilities will complement the retail facilities through encouraging tourists to extend the length of their stay at Dubailand, thereby creating further opportunities for purchases.

The Retail and Entertainment World will cover approximately 46 million square feet, with an investment of AED 2.4 billion and will contain a total of 5 projects (Mall of Arabia, Factory Outlets, Auction World, World Trade Park, The Flea Market)

Downtown - Dubai land A vibrant mix of entertainment and eating out, Downtown will be a mixed destination offering a variety of retail, dining and entertainment facilities. It will feature popular family entertainment components with cross-generational appeal such as cinemas, bowling, street entertainment, computer-based games centres, themed restaurants and nightclubs. Downtown’s multitude of day and night activities will encourage overnight stays and spending at Dubailand.

The Downtown will cover approximately 6 million square feet, with an investment of AED 2.4 billion and will contain a total of 4 projects (The Towers, Dubai Walk, Virtual Games World, Teen World)

Dubailand - Regions
Though Dubai Land has various themed areas scattered throughout its development, many themed area clusters are grouped into regions which include the Falcon City of Wonders, City of Arabia, Dubai Sports City, Dubai Heritage Vision, Dubai Sunny Mountain Ski Resort (Ski Dome), Aqua World, Arabian Legends, Al Emarat Sports World, and the Plantation Equestrian and Polo Club.

Dubailand - Its Location
Map of Dubailand Dubailand will ideally be located along the Emirates Ring Road, which will provide easy access to it from Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, Dubai and Sharjah. It will be located 60 minutes from Abu Dhabi, 10 minutes from the Dubai Airport, and 20 minutes from Sharjah.

For more information on Dubai Land, please watch the 24 minute Real Player video-clip. For the update version of this webpage, visit the Dubailand Theme Park.

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